SBTET Oct/Nov - 2015 Results Information

Sub: SBTET - Diploma ExaminationsOct/Nov, 2015  - Uploading of Sessional Marks in theory subjects for the regular candidates for whom the Polytechnics are failed in uploading the UnitTestMarks and for  backlog candidates who are appearing the respective examination first time – Requested – Regarding.


                With reference to the Subject cited above  the Principals are requested to upload Sessional marks for  the regular students for whom the Polytechnics are failed in uploading the Unit Test Marks and for Backlongstudents appearing the respective semester examinations first time by a click on the link provided in Student Portal   .

                It is further informed that for backlog candidates, appearing the respective Semester examinations first time, the marks available with CMC are uploaded and opened to the Polytechnics for verification. The Principals are requested to inform the concerned Head of Sections to do the following:

1.       Enter the sessional marks in the , if column is empty against PIN and Subject code.

2.       If the column is having marks, pl. verify with your records, if it is tallied post the same marks in column, if there is any deviation enter the correct marks as per your records but those marks will be considered after due verification of records only.

3.       The above task is to be completed by 28/12/2015, failing which the results pertaining to the candidates for whom the and columns are empty. In case of records in which the    column is empty but column having old values, the results will be declared with the old values entered by the respective Polytechnics.

All the Principals are requested to bestow their personnel attention and issue the necessary instructions to the concerned Head of Sections to complete the task by 28/12/2015 so as to release the results at the earliest.

Note : There is a chance of release in second week of January 2016. 

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