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Reintroduction of 6-Months Industrial Training for Diploma students

Sub:- SBTET-Hyderabad- Academics-Reintroduction of 6-Months Industrial
Training for Diploma students- Entering of MoU with IndustriesInformation-Reg.

Ref:- 1. Endt.No. Ro.No. K3/100/2015, dated: 09-03-2016.
2. Cir. No. SBTET/B1/4538/2015-16.

With reference to subject cited above, I am to inform that the 6-Months Industrial Training
is made compulsory to the Diploma students during their entire course of study and reimplemented
from the academic year 2015-16 in accordance of the minutes of the meeting of DTE vide
reference cited above.
In view of the above, all the principals are hereby informed to enter into Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with nearby Industries/Industries in the district, in which the polytechnics
are situated, for sending the students for 6-Months Industrial Training and for mutual cooperation
in the model MoU/format annexed herewith and mail compliance to dsb.sbtet@gmail.com on or
before 23-03-2018.

Whereas, GOVERNMENT POLYTECHNIC, _______________ (hereafter called as
POLYTECHNIC) at its various engineering Programmes are charged with responsibility of
training technical and scientific manpower in various front-line areas of importance for the
Nation and is also contributing to the rapidly growing scientific and technological
knowledge and professional excellence in Science & Technology by undertaking industrial
WHEREAS, _______________ Industry, (hereafter called as INDUSTRY) is engaged
in manufacturing of TO BE INTRODUCED HERE, research, design and development
and consultancy in the field of TO BE INTRODUCED HERE and related fields.
- Recognizing the importance of training the Teaching Staff, Students and Industry
Employees of various levels and research and development in the areas TO BE
- Appreciating the need for creation of large reservoir of qualified manpower in all
fields related to TO BE INTRODUCED HERE
- Desiring to club their efforts by pooling their expertise and resources,
INTEND to form a nucleus for promoting excellent quality manpower in the fields of
engineering with special emphasis on TO BE INTRODUCED HERE and related fields etc.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises made herein and of good and
valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which both POLYTECHNIC,
and INDUSTRY hereby acknowledge, POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY hereby
agree to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on this the_____________ day of
__________, 2016 at place________________________.
This MoU details the modalities and general conditions regarding collaboration between
POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY for enhancing, within the country, the availability of
highly qualified manpower in the areas of TO BE INTRODUCED HERE without any
prejudice to prevailing rules and regulations in POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY
without any disregard to any mechanism evolved and approved by the competent
authorities under Govt. of India in so far as such mechanism applies to POLYTECHNIC,
and INDUSTRY. The areas of cooperation can be extended through mutual consent.
Both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall encourage interactions between the
Engineers, faculty members and students of both the organizations through the following
a) Exchange of personnel through deputation as per the rules of the respective institute, for limited periods as mutually agreed upon;
b) Organization of joint conferences and seminars;
c) Practical training of Polytechnic students at INDUSTRY;
d) Joint guidance of student projects/thesis is TO BE INTRODUCED HERE and other
areas of national interest at Polytechnic by INDUSTRY on mutually agreeable terms.
e) INDUSTRY would accommodate Diploma students who have completed the 6th
semester of their programme in such a number that INDUSTRY deems convenient to
it for the purpose of imparting industrial training.
f) Would allow the industrial visits of students for half/full day to provide them with an
exposure to various equipment, instrument, etc.
g) INDUSTRY may depute its personnel as visiting faculty at Polytechnic to teach any of
the regular Course or specialized topics.
h) INDUSTRY employees, may also be allowed to enroll for diploma courses at
Polytechnic, subject to availability of seats, and subject to their fulfilling eligibility criteria
and all other academic regulations of Polytechnic.
i) INDUSTRY may seek assistance/guidance of Polytechnic, faculty member/s in
product/process modification, modernization, trouble shooting, etc.
j) INDUSTRY may showcase its business activities at the
seminar/workshop/conference, etc. at Polytechnic.
k) INDUSTRY may avail library, Internet, computational facilities at Polytechnic
l) A Research Scientist/Engineer at INDUSTRY may be appointed a Co-project for
project work guide as per the rules of the respective institute for a student Registered at
Polytechnic. The student maybe encouraged to take up the project such that INDUSTRY
desirably benefits from its outcomes.
m) The students will carry out part of their project work at POLYTECHNIC and
INDUSTRY depending on the nature of the work as per rules of the respective institute
depending on facilities and requirements.
n) There will be no restriction on the contents of the thesis and on publication of
results of the thesis, subject to the condition that no Intellectual Property Rights can be
secured for any part of the work which will be decided with mutual consent.
o) Both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY will be free to independently carry out
follow-up research on the thesis work conducted under this scheme.
p) If the outcome of a project related to product development, process technology and
design etc. which involves matter of secrecy and concern with security of the State and the
Country, the same will not be allowed for publication/printing in any form such as
Electronically/verbal, etc. If the outcome of a project results into an intellectual property, for
which rights can be secured, it will be decided on case to case basis. Similarly, sharing of
expenditure in securing such rights and income accrued through royalty etc by the parties
under the law will be decided on case to case basis after mutual consultation.
q) Project supervisors from both the Institutes will be the corresponding authors in any
publication resulting from the collaborative work. All the efforts put by the student/s as a part
of this MoU will be accounted for by way of reporting the work in thesis and/or paper
publication except the part for which IPR needs be claimed.
r) Neither of the supervisors will publish the work carried out under this MoU
without knowledge of the other.
s) In any of the activities mentioned above, wherever financial aspects are involved,
amount, payment conditions, etc. would be spelt out clearly before starting the activity.
a) POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall make provisions to share their respective
important technical R&D facilities in order to promote academic and research interaction in the areas of cooperation.
b) POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall permit the sharing software and other
materials and components developed in-house in the areas of cooperation, if permissible
within the rules governing the two institutions. However, responsibility for safety of
software and other materials during the exchange will rest on respective Head of academic
c) POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall provide access to the library facilities to
scientists, members of faculty and students as per the prevailing rules and norms in the
respective institutes.
a) The collaborative programme between POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY
shall be coordinated by a coordination committee appointed by Directors of both the
b) Financial arrangements for each specific collaboration will be decided on a casetocase basis and brought on record in each case after due approval from heads of both the
a) This MoU shall be effective from the date of its approval by competent
authorities at both ends.
b) The duration of the MoU shall be for a period of 5 years from the effective date.
c) During its tenancy, the MoU may be extended or terminated by a prior notice of not
less than six months by either party. However, termination of the MoU will not in any
manner affect the interests of the students/faculty/scientists who have been admitted to
pursue a programme under the MoU.
d) Any clause or article of the MoU may be modified or amended by mutual
Rights regarding publications, patents, royalty, ownership of software/design/product
developed etc. under the scope of this MoU, shall be decided by the two parties by
mutual consent.
During the tenure of the MoU both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY will maintain
strict confidentiality and prevent disclosure of all the information and data exchanged under
the scope of this MoU for any purpose other than in accordance with this MoU.
Both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall bind their respective personnel who come
into possession or knowledge of any confidential information not to disclose the same to third parties without written approval of the disclosing party or use such confidential
information for any use other than intended under this agreement or PROJECTS.
Further both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall put in place adequate and
reasonable measures to keep and store confidential information secure so as to prevent
any unauthorized use.
POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall mean any proprietary information, data or facts
belonging to PARTIES collectively or severally, disclosed by the disclosing party under this
agreement or any subsequent agreement, whether in writing, verbal or electronically,
irrespective of the medium in which such information is stored, which is marked
confidential or with any other words having similar meaning by the disclosing party, or
specifically agreed to be kept confidential by the parties, or declared or identified so by the
disclosing party before such disclosure or during the discussions. However
confidential information shall not include any data or information which:
(a) is or becomes publicly available through no fault of the receiving party,
(b) is already in the rightful possession of the receiving party prior to its receipt of such
data or information;
(c) is independently developed by the receiving party without reference to the
confidential information of the disclosing party
(d) is rightfully obtained by the receiving party from a third party or is in the public
(e) is disclosed with the written consent of the party whose information it is, or
(f) is disclosed pursuant to court order or other legal compulsion, after providing prior
notice to the disclosing party.
Any amendment and/or addenda to the AGREEMENT shall be in writing and signed by the
PARTIES hereto and shall only after such execution be deemed to form part of the
AGREEMENT and have the effect of modifying the AGREEMENT to the extent
required by such amendment or addenda.
a) This agreement shall take effect and be construed in accordance with the Laws of
India and be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts at ______________ District.
b) The dispute or difference whatsoever arises between PARTIES in relation to or in
connection with this AGREEMENT both the parties shall first try to resolve the dispute/difference
amicably between themselves, failing which the matter shall be referred to and settled through
arbitration. The arbitration proceedings shall be held in accordance with the provision of
Indian Arbitration and Reconciliation ACT, 1996. The venue of arbitration shall be
Hyderabad and Language of arbitration shall be English.
a) The headings and sub-headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect
the construction of this Agreement.
b) Both POLYTECHNIC and INDUSTRY shall not, during the term of this
Agreement directly or indirectly, solicit or offer employment or engagement to any of the
personnel of other party without the prior consent in writing of that other party.
c) No failure to exercise and no delay in exercising, on the part of a Party, and right,
remedy, power or privilege hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or
partial exercise of any right, remedy, power or privilege hereunder preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right,
remedy, power or privilege. The rights, remedies, power and privileges herein provided are
cumulative and not exclusive of any right, remedies, powers and privileges provided by law.
d) After this Agreement has been signed, all preceding understandings/negotiations and
correspondence pertaining to it shall become null and void.
Authorized Person. Principal
_________________________ Principal
_________________________ Government Polytechnic
Industry Witness Witness.

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