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The Observers/Special Observers who are deputed to various Institutions where the Diploma Examinations are conducted in the State are requested to note that they have been entrusted with an important duty of observing the conduct of the Diploma Examinations at the places of their posting as per the State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad norms. The Observers/Special Observers should adhere to the following instructions and they should see that no scope is given for any slackness in conduct of Diploma Examinations.
1) To go through the instructions issued to the Chief Superintendent in connection with the conduct of Examinations to get acquainted with the rules and regulations.
2) Reach the institutions one day in advance and see that the arrangements of seating etc. are done as per the specified norms.
3) The observer should be present with the CS at the time of downloading and printing the Question papers (EDEP system) and he/she should see that the question papers are confidentially sent to the examination halls (After down loading CS and Observer shall check the Question Papers pertaining for that Date, Session, Scheme and Branch etc.,).
4) Affix his signature on the seal along with the Chief Superintendent on the Almirah where confidential Question Papers have been kept.
5) See that the timings of the Examinations are followed strictly and if any variations are noticed they must be brought to the notice of the Secretary immediately.
6) Any slackness in Invigilation by the Assistant Superintendents should be brought to the notice of the Chief Superintendents for rectification and to include the same in Observers report.
7) Letting-off the students outside the hall frequently for Toilets should be discouraged. No students should be allowed for Toilets before one hour after the examinations are started and also one hour before the end of the examination. PIN of the student and the leaving time of the student for Urinals and the returning time of the students should be maintained by the Assistant Superintendents in each examination hall.
8) Among the Chief Superintendent, Joint Chief Superintendent and Observers / Special Observers, at least one should be present in each examination hall at the time of issue of Question Paper and also at the time of collecting the answer papers at the end of examination.
9) The Observers/Special Observers should be present at the time of receiving the written answer scripts of the students by the Chief Superintendent and the scripts should be sealed in his presence. He should also affix his signature on the sealed covers.
10) See that the answer scripts are dispatched by the Chief Superintendent immediately after the end of each subject examination. Any delay in the dispatch, should be reported immediately stating the reasons for the delay.
11) The Observers/Special Observers report should be sent through online only. The URL is ( The login ID is given against their names in the observer duty list. The password is “welcome”. The observer should change the password immediately after the first login. The Hard copy may be retained with the observer. The hard copy need not be sent to the SBTET. Any discrepancy or irregularity should immediately informed to the Asst. Secretary, mobile no. 9133399675 or Deputy Secretary, mobile no. 9133399673
12) See that detailed reports are sent to this office in respect of the mal-practice cases by the Chief Superintendent. He should also see in respect of the mal-practice cases that answer scripts are placed in a separate sealed cover and sent together with all the reports.
13) He should submit the T.A. Bill for the expenditure incurred with all relevant vouchers and duty certificate from the place where he performs the duty as Observers/Special Observer, along with the relieving orders duly counter-signed by the Principal, to the Principals concerned. Since advances has already sanctioned to meet the expenditure for conducting the examinations and to meet the T.A and D.A., for the Observers. The T.A.Bill of the Observers for final settlement should be submitted to the principal concerned.
14) He should not be lenient and observe whether everything is going on as per the rules of the SBTET, AP, in conduct of the examinations, otherwise, he is at liberty to report the same to the Secretary, S.B.T.E.T., AP, without any hesitation as the reports will be kept confidential.
15) The Observers/Special Observer may report any type of major irregularity in conduct of examinations on the same day either by Phone OR Telegram OR by a letter depending upon the situation and severity. Otherwise the Observer/Special Observer will be held responsible for what so ever happened during his period.
NOTE:- Any changes / revised instructions if any, will be intimated / communicated to the Principals, and the same be given wide publicity among teachers and students community.

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