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SBTET- Hyderabad – Details of Readmission made in even semesters of 2017-18 academic year – Regarding.

Sub:- SBTET-TS- Hyderabad -Academics– Details of Readmission made in even semesters of 2017-18 academic year – Called for- Regarding.

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With reference to the subject cited, you are requested to furnish the details of readmissions made at your institution in this academic year i.e., 2017-18 along with copy of Principals/RJD proceedings permitting the readmission as the case may be, as per the academic rules prescribed by SBTET, mentioned below immediately in the format enclosed.

Readmission Rules:

Readmission shall be granted to eligible candidates by the respective Principal for the students who applies for readmission within one year i.e., subsequent next academic year, if beyond the one year, it has to be referred to the RJD for permission. The readmissions are to be entertained, within 15 days (30-11-2017) after commencement of class work in any semester/year (Except Industrial Training including D-Pharmacy course).

Otherwise such cases shall not be considered for readmission for that semester/year and are advised to seek readmission in the subsequent eligible academic year.

The percentage of attendance of the readmitted candidates shall be calculated from the first day of commencement of the regular class work for that year/semester, as officially announced by CTE/SBTET, but not from the day on which he/she actually reported to the class work, after readmission is granted.

Hence, all the Principals are requested to furnish the details of students readmitted in even semesters i.e., 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters of all branches of your institution according to the enclosed format through mail to on or before 01-12-2017.

This may be treated as urgent.

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