Sub:- SBTET – Diploma Examinations - Key Preparation for May/June-2019 instant cum
Advanced Supplementary Diploma Examinations - Staff drafted - Subject allotment - Reg.

With reference to the subject cited above, the Principals are hereby informed that the answer key to the question papers pertaining to the Advnced Supplementary Diploma Examinations of May/Jun’2019 have to be prepared. As per the guidelines, the subjects for preparation of key have been allocated to various Polytechnics mentioned in the annexure – II. The key preparation instructions are herewith enclosed as an Annexure-I for their reference.

The Principals of the concerned Polytechnics are hereby requested to instruct the respective subject experts of your Institution to prepare the key duly collecting the question paper from the Principal / chief Superintendent of the centre. He / She may be instructed to submit the soft copy of the
answer key to the email address within Four days from the scheduled
date of exam. The concerned HOS may also be instructed to moderate the paper before sending the same to SBTET to the above email address. The staff drafted for this purpose will be paid remuneration as per rules of SBTET. They may also be informed that, if any errors are found in the key, suitable action will be initiated against
them. Hence, the Principals of respective Polytechnics are requested to bestow their special attention
and see that the work is completed within the time , so as to enable this office to communicate the same
to examiners for valuation of answer scripts.

Instructions to Key Writer:

  1. The key writer should confirm / certify that the weightage of marks are followed in the question paper
    as per syllabus.

  2. The key writer shall ensure that the question paper is free from mistakes and shall write key after
    discussion with the key moderator.

  3. If any discrepancy is found in the question paper, the Controller of the examinations shall be
    contacted / informed with suggestions of key writer and moderator for clarification.

  4. Shall follow the guidelines of the Controller of the Examinations for any discrepancy in the question

  5. The name of the key writer and key moderator alongwith his/her contact number should be
    correctly written with their signatures on top of the key along with name of course, subject code and subject name.

  6. The answers should be specific and unambiguous.

  7. The distribution of marks should be clearly marked for all questions with in the key and no separate scheme of valuation

  8. The answers in the form of points shall be written where ever it is possible

  9. For the descriptive answers, mention clear answer instead of directly producing the matter from text

  10. The answer is to be prepared within the limits of syllabus

  11. While preparing key for drawing subject, the necessary drawings shall be prepared preferably with AutoCAD or neat manual drawing with clear dimensions (Use Black ink).

  12. Key should have scheme of valuation and make ensure that every question is answered as per the
    scheme and answering in that order

  13. Scheme of valuation should have clarity for each and every question, awarding marks for every
    important point/step/important part in the drawing/orientation in the drawing.

  14. Specify the marks to be allotted for correct methodology/steps, even if the answer is wrong in case
    solution of problems.

  15. Specify the marks to be allotted for correct diagram particularly in drawing if orientation/location is

Note:- Write/Print on the top of first page of the key with print code number, scheme, subject
codes & subject name.